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Established in 1975 as a company specialized in Aluminum, Spare Parts, Decoration, Press, and Recruitment, then Identity, Digital Imaging, Retail systems and numerous sub-systems, ALRAJHI has built a strong clientele testifying our creativity, commitment to quality, reliability and after sales support.


ALRAJHI is much more than just a re-seller. Being an innovative software/ hardware integrator and complete solutions provider, the products offered by ALRAJHI is supplied along with uniquely customized software that accurately satisfies requirements of every customer.

ALRAJHI has created and is able to create on demand, new technology at competitive prices to satisfy every customer's needs. With customers in Saudi Arabia, we are a well-known and leading solutions provider. Our core ability is to deliver customized and often locally developed solutions - both hardware and software.


With many of installations of various systems at all levels such as Governments, Ministries, Banks, large middle and small range offices, our reliability and availability has been tested and trusted by our happy customers wide.

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