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Access Control Systems

Ethernet Access Controller
RFID Reader

WEC200 is a compact networkable access controller
that can be fitted to one door access. It features the
interface conversion from Wiegand to Ethernet, which
allows WEC200 being able to connect to any kind of
Wiegand reader, such as magnetic stripe reader, RFID
reader or fingerprint reader. With the networkable
access, it gives the advantages of central control,and
easily viewing the event log reports.

GP Series RFID readers are high performance proximity
readers featuring long range and small dimensions. The
readers run from any voltage from 5 to 12.5V DC and feature
high read range at as low as 5 volts making it ideally suited to a
wide variety of applications, particularly access control. The
same basic unit can be configured to output most of the
common interface formats, including Wiegand, Magstripe,
Clock / Data and RS232 serial ASCII output, making it easy to upgrade existing installations.

RFID Encoder

GPW100 Proximity Tag Encoder interfaces to any PC with an
RS-232 serial port, high performance and high reliability. The
Encoder comes with an utility software that enables you to
encode the ID code into the proximity tag easily at your side.
Due to GPW100, it becomes possible for you to program the
proximity tag with the ID code you want. 

Fingerprint + Card Reader (FR1200)
Stand Alone

AC903 is a simple yet powerful standalone Access Control
Terminal based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Technology. It is a versatile and feature-reach Access
Control solution that can be installed and configured in a
variety of ways. The terminal has several installation
configurations, different modes of operation and numerous
programmable options.

IP-based Biometric Door Access Control Panel

FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBIO series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated rugged structure, FR1200 offers extra durability in all weather conditions including outdoor environments.

InBio carries out the matching of fi­ngerprints on the panels. The FR Series of readers transmit fi­ngerprint templates to InBio via RS-485 for fast and accurate matching with templates stored in a data-base. InBio controllers install easily on your network and support both TCP/IP and RS-485 communication. Auto-discovery tool allows setting and modi­cation of network parameters directly and easily.

Stand Alone

X7, one of innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications. Offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. It can operate on standalone mode with the interface for third party electric lock, alarm, door sensor, exit button and doorbell.
Keypad operation is easy and convenient, such as, enrolling user, deleting user and accessing control parameter settings etc.

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